& the LMTLSS Brand.

    We're a team of driven individuals that specialize in creating lasting brands that work and deliver results.  As lifelong entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, our ability to strategize every aspect of your campaign in-house sets us apart from the competition.


At LMTLSS Media our mission is to build a place where videographers, photographers, graphic designers, and artists can work together doing what they love to create products of the highest quality. By forming teams of creatives and assigning projects, we are able to guarantee the highest quality work possible. To live LMTLSS is to live your life exactly how you want to, as the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves. Often creative people feel limited in what they can achieve when other things like money and food are seemingly more important, with LMTLSS we hope to tap into the creative spirit in people so they can do what they love.

Our vision is to create an inclusive community of driven individuals with a passion for their craft, whether it’s graphic design, photography or videography, all creatives can have a place where they can find work easily while doing what they love to do. 



Trevor Finney has been designing and curating brands and companies since 2014 through media & has raked in millions of views through various platforms over the years. He also most recently work as Joyner Lucas's content curator on tour with Chris Brown.



Brendan Smith is a SNHU graduate with an extensive background in marketing & Recruiting. Finding the top notch resources and partners is absolutely crucial and Brendan navigates these tasks with ease. Whether it's connecting your brand and company with an influencer or finding the right graphic designer that we have in our extensive database , he always delivers. Also not to mention before he left the cooperate world he was top sales in the country for nursing recruitment. The team is also running a successful clothing brand based out of Massachusetts & has sold merchandise as far as Australia. Let's take your ideas and visions to an entire different level thought possible, we know a thing or two.


Vice president/CFO